3D landscape design

Creating Distinctive Designs

 embrace your unique setting


Our ideal client is the home owner with a desire to expand their living space to the outdoors and embrace the beauty and tranquility that nature provides as part of their everyday life. Our creative process combines a client’s taste and perspective with our experience and vision.  We begin by discussing your goals and exploring your property’s natural attributes. Then our talented designers incorporate our signature elements, such as specimen trees, distinctive water features, and complementary hardscapes, which distinctively set us apart from other landscape designers.

Our designers can manage your project right from the beginning. The result is achieving great continuity in the final product.


Remote Designs

How It's Possible


If you live outside our base of Utah, we can work remotely to design your residence in Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming or Oregon. We start with images from Google Earth, employ a local drone operator, then use 3D scan software to essentially create a virtual model of your property in great detail, as seen in one of the images below. We can see every aspect of the property including elevations changes, and existing structures and trees.  With this and other conversations, we can accurately create a design to within a few inches. If you'd like site visits, they are an additional charge that would include travel fees. For more information on this innovative technology, read our blog post here. 

Drone Mapping Example